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Monday, August 10, 2009

Genuine Straight Talk

I was doing an online search on the term "straight talk" a few weeks ago and I came upon a bunch of stories about a new cell phone service called... "Straight Talk."

Imagine that!

I was trying to find the origin of the term and how it had been subverted by the media but this was far more interesting: a no-contract phone that offered 30 days of service for either $30 or $45 with 1,000 minutes of talk and 1,000 texts, or unlimited talk and text.

To have unlimited phone service for $45 a month seemed like a great deal to me but apparently the phone industry was freaking out over it, if you believed the online reports (like here, here and here.)

But my AT&T contract had just expired and I was thinking about dumping it for another company with better coverage. I just about freaked when I read that Straight Talk runs on Verizon's network! I asked around and my friends told me that they loved the Verizon coverage; no dropped calls, dead spots etc.

So when I dug into it a bit and saw the phones that Straight Talk offered, I was a little disappointed -- at first.

But when I thought about how I used my phone -- to talk and text and maybe check out a website here and there -- the Moto RAZR was more than fine! And the 30MB of included data was fine, too; it's the equivalent of 350 typical web pages, I learned. Works for me!

The only thing was that Straight talk was available in some "select" Walmart stores -- none near me. But that wasn't an obstacle. I ordered it online here and had it delivered to my local Wally Mart for pickup.


I'll post a more later about what I think of it and how it works but so far so good!

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