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Thursday, October 15, 2009

GoMo News:Straight Talk is "a pretty damn good deal."

GoMo News is very impressed with Straight Talk:

"I think this is a pretty damn good deal. You can walk out of a Walmart with a brand new device and 1,000 mins talk and text in your pocket for $65. I went phone shopping in San Francisco less than two weeks ago, and the cheapest I could get the same deal for $120 from T-Mobile (check out that article here). So in terms of price, this is pretty good news for consumers.

I have to wonder what the consequences of this deal are, though. You have Walmart here, buying space on networks through an intermediary… and selling it on at cheaper than the networks sell it. Frankly I’m pretty surprised that this service got launched at all - just how much are networks willing to undercut themselves? Or it could be a case of Walmart being able to afford to pay the operators the difference from their own pocket, in order to attract subscribers. If so, to what end?

I’m pretty amused by the $45 dollar tariff as well - pipping Sprint by 5 bucks a month at the unlimited game is quite a little PR coup."

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