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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Average. Or above average?

How much do you spend on your cellphone every month?

Do you know? If not, never mind. Here's a better question: how many minutes do you talk? How many texts do you send and receive?

According to the cellphone industry's trade group CTIA, the average minutes used per month is around 760 and the average number of texts is 400.

If you sign up for Straight Talk's $30 ALL YOU NEED plan with 1,000 nationwide anytime minutes and 1,000 texts, you're good!

If you're paying more than that... not so good!

But if your talking and texting are ABOVE average, throw in another 15 bucks and you get UNLIMITED nationwide anytime minutes and texts. $45 for 30 days of Unlimited nationwide anytime minutes and texts? Yes!

The cellphone industry group cites the “'Straight Talk plan of unlimited minutes and text, nationwide, any time, for $45 a month" for "providing U.S. consumers with even greater value."

For more into and links to purchase Straight Talk phones and airtime, click here.

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